Between 2018-2022 I completed a Doctor of Musical Arts (Composition) at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, The University of Sydney, under the supervision of Professor Liza Lim, and in 2018-19 I was one of four participants in the Composing Women program.

The degree entailed composing a Portfolio of Compositions and an accompanying Thesis. The project was titled: “What Does a Secret Sound Like? Exploring Communicative Agency as a Composer.” Five compositions were included in the Portfolio:

Secret (2019), for concert flute/alto flute, fixed backing track and gate effect

Commute (2018-20) a chamber opera for 3 singers, small ensemble and electronics

Street Sketches (2018) for 13 instruments, a companion work to

Streets (2019) for orchestra

Sonata: Ode (2019) for solo piano


Available recordings of the compositions from this portfolio are embedded below.

Secret (2019) for concert/alto flute, fixed backing track and gate effect. Performed by Claire Chase at National Sawdust, New York USA, September (2019). Recording by Levy Lorenzo.
Commute (2018-20), part of the Breaking Glass quad-bill production by Sydney Chamber Opera with directors Danielle Maas and Clemence Williams.
Street Sketches (2018) for 13 instruments. Performed by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra Fellows.
Streets (2019) for orchestra. Workshop recording by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.