Kempli (2009)


String quartet


c. 1 minutes 30 seconds

Creation Note

Kempli is lovingly dedicated to Peter Sculthorpe on his 80th birthday.  It is one of 14 miniature compositions performed for the composer at Peter Sculthorpe – An 80th Birthday Tribute.

About the work

This short work is based on material from Peter Sculthorpe’s String Quartet No. 11, Jabiru Dreaming. The title refers to the modest but vital instrument used in Balinese Gamelan to keep the beat, in a nod to this tradition and its influence on Peter. A kempli-like role is played here by the second violin.

P.P. 2009


First performance: by the Goldner String Quartet at Peter Sculthorpe – An 80th Birthday Tribute, 3 May 2009, Kangaroo Valley Golf & Country Resort.