The Business of Music 2: Mindspot, a mental health resource

Occasionally in 2016 I’ll be sharing some go-to resources for making a living in the arts in a series called The Business of Music.

Today, in honour of R U OK? Day (second Thursday of September) I’m posting an online mental health resource called Mindspot:

This is a really amazing resource for people needing support for depression or anxiety symptoms, developed at Macquarie University. You can take a quiz, get assessed, and sign up for a FREE 8-week program of online videos and worksheets, using a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach to understand and manage your symptoms. There are regular quizzes to track your progress, and a Mindspot staffer will phone you every few weeks to check in on how you’re progressing.

I can recommend this because there was a time in 2015 when I was struggling on the mental health front.  I signed up and completed the Mindspot online treatment course. The material was very clear and sensible, and the email and phone communications were caring, gentle and discreet.

Arts workers, often freelancing or working for organisations with tight budgets, don’t have access to many of the structures, policies and programs available to workers in larger corporations, especially in terms of HR or welfare.  And working alone, we don’t always have someone to check in with.

So, R U OK? Please do check out Mindspot if you feel like you need mental health support.  If you need urgent help, phone 000  or contact Lifeline 13 11 14 immediately.

Take care xo

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