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I’m participating in Blogging 101 in January 2015, a initiative. I signed up blind, with no expectations of the actual content of the course. Signing up was a promise to myself to dedicate a little time daily or weekly to making the website and blog updates that I’ve been wanting to for ages. I’ve have been completely blown away by the eclectic interests represented and the hive of hectic community activity. I’m now following numerous new blogs that I would not have otherwise known of. Blogging 101 is highly recommended.

Up until today I had comments disabled. I’ve sometimes gone for months without updating the website, and I was paranoid that I’d log in to find questionable spam links that might have been on display for all the time I’d left the website sit.

As a result of recent Blogging 101 assignments to do with commenting/engagement, I’ve decided to enable commenting in the blog section of this website. I’ve just engaged with the writings of some other bloggers, and the exchanges I can see taking place are heartening and inspiring. Here are some of the blogs I visited:

Blues & All That Jazz
Great to see another composer/musician in the Blogging 101 feed; I have stumbled upon several now. JRBjork’s recent post is about all the different musical instruments that have come and gone in his life.

Blue Car Painted Green
My interest in handicrafts has had to dwindle these days to enjoying images of other people’s projects. I just read about a stunning hand-crafted felt book lovingly created as a gift for a niece.

Did you ever make a drastic change to the comments settings on your website?  What made you decide to enable/disable comments?

7 thoughts on “Comment on commenting

  1. williameck says:

    I’ve had comments enabled from the beginning, but honestly I haven’t had much of a response, positive or negative. If I do get a sudden influx of haters, I’ll know that it’s time to start selling t-shirts with my name on them.


  2. Peggy says:

    Thanks for the feedback and for taking the time to comment here. I don’t expect to polarise the masses but the t-shirt idea makes this a tempting prospect…!


  3. Rook says:

    Yeah, comments can be scary. But you can always delete them. I think you’re fellowing Blogging 101 with support you and provide great comments. Also loved the post. Keep up the good work!!!


  4. jrbjork says:

    Nice of you to mention me in your post. The good thing about having comments turned on is that you can get feedback on your writing. I have always had it turned on on my old blog. About Blogging 101. Same situation as yours by the sound of it but I can’t find the time to post everyday. Will try to follow your blog.



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