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Every composition has a different story.  Sometimes I write spontaneously in a flurry of freestyle inspiration, or for a competition or application, or a gift for a friend, or in response to a very specific commission, knowing the work is likely to only ever be performed once.  It is very satisfying when a work follows the path of: drafts, revisions, final score, rehearsals, then is released into the world as a recording or performance.  The creative process is a huge part of what I do.  I love the promise of a blank page, and the challenge of starting a brand new piece of music.

There is a different kind of excitement when a composition is revisited.  The idea that a work will be interpreted again and again in a different performance affirms one’s creative project.  It motivates me to revisit my scores following performance, to refine them further, to release the scores and parts into the wider world, to keep sharing my sounds.  It motivates me to gradually gather details about all my works here on the website.

With this in mind, I want to share two compositions here.  The Moon (2007) can be heard in its entirety at the link below.  Picnic at Hanging Rock Suite (2009) is a huge piano work that I wrote during my Master’s degree, and haven’t yet premiered.  Are you a pianist curious about this work? Are you considering commissioning some brand new Polias sounds?  Let me know.


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